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Bite Sizes

Angus Beef Tartare

Indulge in the exquisite Angus Beef tartare at La Savoir. Made with 200-day Angus beef tenderloin, our tartare is served with silky smooth pomme puree, shaved parmesan, and dough fritters that add a delightful crunch. To top it all off, we add a generous serving of white sturgeon caviar that perfectly complements the rich flavors of the beef.

La Savoir Butter Board

Our three distinct flavors include the classic French sea salt butter, the Japanese furikake butter, and the Peranakan ebi butter. Each butter boasts its unique taste and aroma, adding an extra layer of depth to your meal. Served with three different bread offerings.

Foie Gras Slider

Experience the ultimate indulgence with La Savoir’s Foie Gras Slider, the star of our trio slider. Our juicy Angus beef patty is perfectly complemented with a generous serving of rich and flavorful pan-seared foie gras. We then add a layer of tangy onion jam, pickled cucumber, and caramelized onion for added depth of flavor. To finish it off, we drizzle a spicy Sriracha mayo for a touch of heat.

Caviar Toast

Looking for a unique and decadent dish? Look no further than La Savoir’s Caviar Waffle. Served on top of freshly toasted brioche is a creamy mixture of egg mayonnaise, topped with white sturgeon Caviar. The dish is then finished with the perfect combination of shallots, chives.

Uni Toast

Satisfy your cravings for the sea with La Savoir’s Uni Toast, the perfect rich and savory start to your meal. We begin with fresh brioche bread, toasted to perfection. Next, we layer on a generous serving of Bafun uni, flown in all the way from Japan, prized for its delicate and buttery flavor. To add a touch of creaminess, we top the uni with a smooth and velvety cauliflower puree. Finally, we finish it off with a sprinkle of trout roe, which adds a burst of briny flavor that perfectly complements the dish.