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Mentaiko fritters

Made from fluffy potato fritters, these delicacies are glazed with a creamy and spicy Mentaiko mayonnaise. To finish off the dish, a sprinkle of tobiko and bonito flakes adds a satisfying crunch, a pop of salty flavor and a perfect smoky balance to compliment creamy Mentaiko .

Wild Sprouts Salad

Brussel sprouts and wild mushrooms charred to perfection, topped with crunchy tobiko and bonito flakes! The dish is finished with a toss of Yuzu mayo to add a perfect citrus cream balance to the smokiness.

truffle fritters

Indulge in the rich and aromatic flavors of La Savoir’s Truffle Fritters. Our chefs start by mixing grated black truffles, shio kombu, and parmesan cheese into the potato batter to create a savory and umami-rich flavor profile. The batter is then fried to a crispy golden brown, resulting in a crispy exterior that gives way to a soft and fluffy interior.
Served on the side with truffle aioli.


Hokkaido scallop ceviche

Savor the taste of fresh and succulent Hokkaido scallops with La Savoir’s Scallop Ceviche. Our chefs use only the finest sashimi-grade scallops, which are then glazed with a tangy and spicy kimchi sauce. The scallops are then topped with shaved fennels, which add a refreshing crunch and a delicate anise flavor. To add a burst of citrusy flavor and texture, we sprinkle the dish with finger lime pearls.

truffle Capellini

This dish is all things truffle, starting with a bed of delicate angel hair pasta that’s been perfectly cooked to al dente. The pasta is then tossed in a truffle vinaigrette, infusing it with the rich and earthy flavor of truffles. We then add a medley of morel and porcini mushrooms, which add depth and complexity to the dish. To top it all off, we sprinkle it with tobiko, which adds a burst of umami flavor and a delightful crunch.

Foie gras POÊlÉ

Pan seared foiegras with a crispy exterior that gives way to a melt-in-your-mouth center. To add a touch of sweetness and acidity, we top the foie gras with a dark cherry compote and fresh orange slices. Finally, we drizzle it with a balsamic vinaigrette balancing out the richness of the foie gras and adds a tangy depth of flavor.

charred octopus

Experience the taste of a summer in the South of France with La Savoir’s Charred Octopus. Sous vide and charred to perfection, this seafood dish creates a delicious smoky and tender flavor that’s sure to impress. To complement, we top it with fresh oranges adding a burst of citrusy sweetness and acidity. All this is balanced with freshly made pimento puree!


tomato burrata soup

Rich and creamy flavors made from ripe and juicy tomatoes, this soup is simmered to perfection and then blended until it’s smooth and creamy. To add an extra layer of richness, we serve it with freshly whipped burrata cheese, a soft and creamy Italian cheese that perfectly complements the bright tomato flavors. We top it off with sliced cherry tomatoes, which add a burst of sweetness and acidity to the dish. Finally a sprinkle of crispy croutons that provide a satisfying crunch.

Every spoonful of this soup is a perfect harmony of flavors and textures that is sure to leave you craving for more.

porcini mushroom soup

Warm up on a chilly day with La Savoir’s Porcini Mushroom Soup. Made with a trio of flavorful mushrooms – porcini, morel, and dried cordyceps, this soup is a celebration of earthy and rich flavors. The porcini mushrooms bring in a deep and nutty flavor, while the morel mushrooms add a subtle sweetness and a slightly chewy texture. Finally, the dried cordyceps add an additional layer of earthy and nutty flavors that perfectly complement the other mushrooms. Our chefs then simmer the mushrooms in a creamy and silky broth, resulting in a velvety smooth soup that is perfect for any occasion.